How the Titanic Walking Tour Took Shape

Titanic Walking Tours was founded in 2009 by Colin Cobb, a lifetime enthusiast of everything Titanic. The original Titanic Tour in Belfast, it is part of Secret Chamber Tours Ltd. which also runs the Jack the Ripper Tour and The Royal Westminster and Changing of the Guard Tour in London.

Colin was once the operator of Titanic’s Dry Dock – the last place Titanic ever sat on dry ground, and where she was completed, and he is the guide for the official historical video for the Titanic Hotel. Colin and the Titanic Walking Tours have conducted tours for many famous personalities over the years, most notably James Cameron, director of the multi-Oscar winning Blockbuster movie ‘Titanic’.

sept 2012 titanic movie director james cameron joins our private titanic walking tour with colin cobb

What Makes Our Titanic Sightseeing Team Special?

Fondly known as ‘Titanoraks’, our guides masterfully recreate the magic and grandeur of the years gone by every time they take you through the famed drawing offices, the slipways, or the dry docks. The enthusiasm with which the carefully selected team works towards making the tour special for all has led to Titanic Walking Tours being featured in many news broadcasts and documentaries worldwide.

In Colin, the director’s own words, “Our guides are our pride and have been carefully selected because of their genuine interest and enthusiasm for all things Titanic”.

sept 2012 titanic movie director james cameron joins our private titanic walking tour with colin cobb

What We Offer

Personal Attention – Our enthusiastic guides will help you navigate through the once bustling shipyard, helping you create a memorable experience on your visit to Belfast.

Customised Private Tours – Choose from the itinerary options ahead of the tour and enjoy your tour while you listen to interesting facts and anecdotes from your guide.

Competitive Pricing – We offer the most competitive pricing around. To know more, contact us now.

Great Experience – Book one of our award-winning tours for an experience of a lifetime

Our Mission

To provide a memorable and one-of-a-kind experience to all Titanic enthusiasts and guests at the Titanic Walking Tours Belfast.

We work towards making the Titanic Walking Tour as special an experience to you as it is to us. Needless to say, we take pride in the fact that ours is the longest-running public tour of Belfast’s Titanic sites. Once you visit, you will take back fond memories of the birthplace of the magnificent vessel along with hundreds of ships made here in Belfast.

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Want to know more?

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